Hideaway - Adhesive Storage Container - Charcoal Gray


Say hello to Hideaway! The eco-chic storage solution designed to maintain the longevity and consistency of your adhesive. Vacuum-seal technology minimizes moisture exposure, creating the ideal environment for optimal glue performance.

Safeguard up to three bottles of your favorite Maven adhesive.

Designed with our unwavering commitment to quality, Hideaway is constructed using premium borosilicate glass, aluminum, and silicone — made to last.

Ensure optimal performance
Preserve adhesive quality
Reduce moisture exposure
Maintain consistent humidity levels
Provide ideal storage conditions
Keeps adhesive bottles upright

1 Charcoal Gray Hideaway Capsule
1 package silica beads
Foam insert for upright storage

Size: 11.6 cm (H) x 6.7 cm (W)

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