Rosie Water Hydrating Finishing Spray


Refresh and hydrate skin with the next iteration in lash luxury. Rosie Water Hydrating Facial Mist soothes and revitalizes complexion while eliminating irritating adhesive fumes. The perfect pick-me-up post lash application.

The micro mist spray pump delivers a delicate cloud of youthful luminosity, while our oil-free, botanically-infused formula works to keep skin hydrated and refreshed.

*Pair with Quartz Cleanser and Proset Primer for a superior pre and post-treatment protocol.

USE: Finishing Spray
Hold 12” from face and mist 1-2 pumps for refreshing hydration.

USE: During Service
Add one part Rosie and three parts purified water to nano-mister, use as needed during lash service.

USE: Retail Product
Rosie is a great retail item that can be used daily in addition to moisturizer, under or over makeup, whenever skin needs a boost of hydration. Each bottle is beautifully boxed and ready for retail. Take advantage of wholesale pricing by selecting your desired quantity from the drop down menu.

Buy 4 bottles - save 20%
Buy 6 bottles - save 30%
Buy 12 bottles - save 40%
Buy 18 bottles - save 50%

*Suggested MSRP - $42.00 USD

Eliminates irritating adhesive fumes
Hydrates, nourishes, and soothes skin
Promotes healthy, luminous complexion
*Non-comedogenic and lash extension friendly

Honeysuckle Flower Extract
Potent anti-inflammatory properties soothe and reduce skin irritation, a natural anti-bacterial toner.

Chamomile Flower Extract
Delivers powerful anti-oxidants to help reduce signs of aging and protect skin from free radical damage.

Coconut Water
Nourishes skin with vitamins B2, B3, and C. Naturally moisturizes and helps maintain a balanced pH level.

Aloe + Rose Water
Moisture-binding hyaluronic acid helps skin retain water, keeping it soft and supple.

Size: 100ml

Proudly made in the USA, bottled in glass, sourced from nature.

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