Complete Collection - Set of 11


Our collection of second-generation laminated practice charts are now available in a complete set!

SAVE 20% vs buying individually.
Maven Maps™ are designed to help lash artists master and challenge their design abilities. High-quality lamination makes it possible to notate using wet-erase markers (Expo Vis-A-Vis brand is our fav). Each chart can be fully customized, erased, and reused. Design > Map > Lash > Erase > Repeat.

Our one-of-a-kind Practice Petals™ provide the ideal shape and surface for adhering extensions. Pick your map, customize if desired, place your petal, and lash with intention.

001 - Styling Fundamentals
002 - Mixing Curls
003 - Art Deco Design for customized layering
004 - Eye Pad Mapping
005 - Art Deco Dual Design
006 - Design Template
007 - Layer Design
008 - Volume Dimension
009 - Feather Effect
010 - Strip Lash
011 - Color Block Dual Design
+ 103 Practice Petals™

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