Proset Primer + Setting Drops


Dream drops. Magic water. Primer potion. Meet Proset, our multi-purpose lash solution.

Prep and prime with nourishing ingredients that elevate the pretreatment process and encourage long-lasting retention.

Proset effectively treats oil-prone lashes, balances pH levels and accelerates dry time for an effective adhesive bond.

We believe lash health starts from within and formulated Proset without the use of alcohol or industrial chemicals to maintain healthy, happy lashes.

*Pair with Quartz Cleanser for a superior pretreatment protocol.

Priming Lashes - After cleansing, saturate two microfiber applicators with a small drop of Proset and prime the natural lashes from base to tips. Allow lashes to dry before applying extensions.

Setting Volume Fans - Gently swipe the base of handmade crystallized fans through a drop of Proset to lock in structure and symmetry. Allow fan to dry before applying to the lash line.

Extinguishing Adhesive - Before discarding or changing your working adhesive, apply a drop of Proset to extinguish fumes and potential irritants.

Size: 50ml  | 1.7fl oz

Witch Hazel
Rich in antioxidants, calms oil-prone lashes and protects follicle.

Hibiscus Flower Extract
Contains amino acids that nourish and strengthen at the root, reducing excess oil secretion.

Rose Water
Anti-inflammatory, promotes healthy lashes and reduces premature shedding. Vitamins A, B3, C and E.

Proudly made in the USA, bottled in glass, sourced from nature.

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