Laylow Lash Tile - Neon Yellow


Thoughtful, intentional, purposeful - that’s the Laylow difference!

Engineered with the artist in mind, our anti-reflective palette reduces harmful glare from overhead LED lighting. A key feature we felt absolutely necessary to maintain healthy vision and career longevity.

Protect your eyes from potential dangers of prolonged blue-light exposure by choosing the Laylow Lash Tile™.

• Matte-finish, anti-reflective palette
• Blank canvas design, no lines, numbers, or distractions
• Protective cover with engraved logo
• Rubber stoppers provide a no-slip grip
• Contoured edges for comfort and control
• Storage box design converts easily during application
• Ghost logo, delicately engraved, essentially invisible
• Extended base for hassle-free opening

Material - Acrylic
Length - 156mm
Width - 82mm
Height with cover - 28mm
Height without cover - 10mm

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